About Us




My name is Alex Arbuzov - owner of Bromeliadsnsuch. LLC. I'd like to briefly share my story on how I got involved with bromeliads...

In 2008 I stumbled on a few species of Florida's native bromeliads (genus Tillandsia) and was completely fascinated by the way they grow without soil attaching themselves to trees. It was intriguing and I started learning more about them,  yet having no idea how vast and diverse the bromeliad world is. I started collecting all kinds of odd bromeliads from different sources like bromeliad clubs, nurseries and friends. Not before long my collection got a little too big and Bromeliads N Such was born. 

In 2014, while still being a small mail-order business I was blessed to have the opportunity to purchase the domain bromeliad.com. At that time my old website's platform was ProStores and the owner (eBay) decided to shut it down within 6 months leaving tens of thousands of businesses scrambling. Small business isn't profitable for a big company like eBay as they chose to no longer support the ProStores platform. It was a devastating and daunting part of my life to start a new website to be completed within 6 months before they pulled the plug. This was not going to an easy task and I knew that everything had to be new and improved like photos, descriptions and functionality. After countless hours spent if front of a computer learning, building and testing, the final countdown to January 1, 2015 was inevitable. It was time to relaunch... It was time to get out and switch over... There was no looking back and this would be all or nothing!

Today, we are a small but rapidly growing operation based in Englewood Florida now shipping bromeliads worldwide. Our goal is to consistently offer you the best quality plants and introduce new bromeliad varieties to our clients. Our customers are not just terrarium enthusiasts, landscapers and educators. Most are bromeliad collecting fanatics like myself. We hope you enjoy our site and come back often as we keep adding new plants. Please feel free to give us any feedback and let us know how we're doing. We thank you for your business!






Last updated 8/10/2016