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About Us


Hello. My name is Alex Arbuzov and I am the owner and founder of Bromeliads N Such, LLC.  I’m a collector of bromeliads and I love to share that passion with others.

I first became interested in bromeliads when I ran across some native species in my home state of Florida in late 2007.  I was fascinated by the way they were growing (particularly Tillandsias), attached to trees, without any soil.  I did a little research and my interest only increased.  I learned that the bromeliad world is vast and incredibly diverse.  Existing in all shapes, colors, and sizes, bromeliads are hardy plants that can survive in the most challenging of environments. Simply put, bromeliads are beautiful.

Once my interest was piqued, I began collecting odd bromeliads from different clubs, nurseries, and friends.  Eventually I had a large selection of bromeliads of my own, and I made the decision to start helping others form their own collections.  Bromeliads N Such began as a small mail-order business which then aquired the domain in 2012.  After a few technological frustrations in 2014, I was even more determined to make the web-based business work. 

Today, our operation is growing. Based in Englewood, Florida, we ship bromeliads all over the world. Terrarium enthusiasts, landscapers, educators – these are all regular customers who are equally interested in owning and growing bromeliads. Many are personal collectors as I am. We are known for consistently providing the highest quality plants and offering the widest selection of varieties to our clients, often introducing them to new types of species and hybrids.

We are constantly improving our content and increasing our inventory. We love to hear from our clients about what they like and need. Take a look around the site and see what we can offer. We look forward to hearing from you, and we thank you for your business.





Last updated 10/20/17