Aechmea Orlandiana 'White Knight'


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Aechmea Orlandiana 'White Knight'

Aechmea Orlandiana 'White Knight' - Mature Plant

Aechmea Orlandiana 'White Knight'

Aechmea Orlandiana 'White Knight' - Offset

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  • Aechmea Orlandiana 'White Knight' is a cultivar of orlandiana named by Jim Irvin. A large orlandiana clone with upright growth on top and lower leaves drooping, forming a ‘skirt’ which is typical of the species. This clone has a white background coloration that can blush pinkish in strong light, mottled with dark brown and dark green. Try mounting it on trees to mimic the way Orlandiana species grow in the wild, attaching themselves with their strong roots.

    Maximum Size: H:10" x W:9"

    Light: Part Shade/Part Sun

    Temperature: Warm

    Water: Part Damp

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All plants are shipped bare root. What's this?


Mature Plant or Offset - What's the difference?

Mature plants are established plants with a root system, usuall full grown or almost full grown to their maximum capable size. 

An offset is a shoot that develops at the base of the plant, rooting to form a new plant identical to its parent. Also called a "pup". Most offsets have less color than mature plants and may or may not have roots. An offset or cutting will also vary, depending on the variety of plant, but will always be ‘ready enough’ to be easily rooted and grown. We follow the basic bromeliad rule for cutting pups which is cutting them off when they are at least half the size of the mother plant. Smaller stoloniferous offsets are good for terrariums. Since offsets cost less than a mature plant, they are recommended for those who want to grow them up to mature plants themselves. Learn more.