Hohenbergia is a genus of one of 52 bromeliad genera and is made up of about 40 known species, with more being discovered. Bromeliad Hohenbergia is native to parts of Brazil, Venezuela and is more abundant in Jamaica. The habit of this species ranges from sandy, dry areas to humid, foggy forests. In the wild, Hohenbergias are both epiphytic and terrestrial. Some Hohenbergias have attractive and beautifully marked foliage and some have plain leaves and plain inflorescence which is usually a tall flower spike branched with small clusters of flowers. Hohenbergia and Aechmea have many similarities when it comes to appearance but you should give them basic Aechmea culture except that they need additional protection from cold and prefer lower light. Hohenbergias are very slow growing and are rare in cultivation yet they are in high demand from plant collectors.

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