Neoregelia is the largest of any bromeliad genus and most superbly colored of all, known for their showy and diverse foliage colors and patterns. The rossettes are usually spreading and flat although some are vase shaped. The flowers barely rise above the water in the central cup. Some neoregelia species and hybrids are green when they start out as pups and almost all rely on bright light to achieve brilliant colors. In today's cultivars, the leaves are spotted, mottled, banded, albo-marginated or variegated, even when young. Sizes range from miniatures about 1 inch tall to landscape monsters over 40 inches wide. Growing Neoregelia can become a skill, having the right balance of light, water, temperature, soil and fertilizer. Ofcourse, not all species and hybrids are difficult to grow, but they are for the most part more dependent on strong light to develop deep, vivid colors in their leaves. As bromeliads are getting more popularity, more terrarium/vivarium hobbyists are incorporating the miniature species and hybrids in their tanks, creating beautiful natural environments for their animals.