Bromeliads belong to the plant family known as Bromeliaceae, a group that boasts over 3595 named species spanning about 57 genera in addition to countless hybrids. Among these is the ever-famous pineapple. These plants can be found flourishing in their natural habitats throughout the Americas, ranging from sea level all the way up to elevations of 4200 meters. They can withstand a variety of climates, thriving in environments as diverse as rainforests and deserts. Epiphytes make up roughly half of all bromeliad species, while others are lithophytes or terrestrial, allowing them to be found in a variety of environments including the Andean highlands, Sechura Desert of coastal Peru, cloud forests of Central and South America, southern United States, and even as far north as southern Virginia.

Luckily for gardeners, bromeliads are generally low-maintenance, thriving with little care while rewarding the grower with breathtaking blooms and stunning ornamental foliage. Ranging in size from minuscule miniatures to towering giants, these plants are incredibly versatile, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor cultivation in milder climates where freezing temperatures are not a concern.

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