Aechmea nudicaulis 'Flavomarginata'

Aechmea nudicaulis 'Flavomarginata'

Aechmea flavomarginata - Fully Grown

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Aechmea nudicaulis 'Flavomarginata'

Aechmea flavomarginata - Offset

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  • Aechmea nudicaulis 'Flavomarginata' is a striking cultivar of nudicaulis with remarkable albo-marginated foliage. Its green leaves feature upright creamy white variegation, adding an elegant touch. The plant produces a vibrant inflorescence on a vivid red spike, showcasing red bracts thinly covered with yellow berries that bear beautiful yellow flowers. This cultivar typically grows to a maximum height of about 18 inches.

    Grows to a maximum size of: 18" tall x 10" wide

    Light requirements: Medium light. Prefers moderate levels of light, such as bright indirect light or filtered sunlight. Thrives in well-lit spaces without direct exposure to intense sunlight.

    Temperature requirements: Warm

    Soil recommendation: Fast draining. Allow water to flow through it quickly, preventing excessive moisture retention.

    Water requirements: Moderate watering. Water the plant thoroughly but allow the soil to partially dry out between waterings.

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All plants are shipped bare root. No pot and no soil.

Fully Grown or Offset - What's the difference?

Fully Grown is an established plant with a root system.

An Offset (pup) is a baby shoot that develops at the base of the plant, rooting to form a new plant identical to its parent.