Vriesea sucrei

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Size: Mature Plant

Originating from Brazil, Vriesea sucrei is a captivating plant species. Despite its small stature, it forms a delightful rosette that can reach up to 15 inches in width. The glossy green leaves are a sight to behold, with their remarkable dark purple to black undersides, adding an element of intrigue. The inflorescence of Vriesea sucrei takes the form of a magenta-colored paddle-like spike with yellow pods, which eventually give way to beautiful yellow flowers. The blooming period typically lasts around a week, providing a delightful burst of color. It's worth noting that Vriesea sucrei is sensitive to cold temperatures and requires proper protection in colder climates.

Growth habit: Small

Light requirements: Low Light: Suitable for areas with limited or indirect light, away from direct sunlight. Can thrive in shady conditions with minimal natural light.



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