The Rainforest Exhibit

Alex Arbuzov - November 5, 2018

A worker at builds their tank.


We are proud to sponsor our friends from and artist MAG on his journey to create one of the largest indoor vivariums.  Large vivarium I say? Yup, so large that over a dozen people can stand in it from the looks of it. A month ago when got word about the project and the opportunity to contribute bromeliads, we were all in!  What makes this exciting is not the size of the tank but the fact that MAG will be vlogging every step of the way.  A tank as amazing as this requires more than bromeliads (of course) so MAG will be talking about other components/supplies and their sponsors as the work of art comes to life.  Be sure to check out their recently launched website, blog and Youtube channel for more content along the way.  They also show photos of our bromeliads on stand-by for installation. We will definitely be following.



Here is a link to the project: