Neoregelia 'Popoki'

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Size: Offset

Neoregelia 'Popoki,' a hybrid created by Lisa Vinzant through the crossing of Punctatissima Rubra and Tigrina. This miniature bromeliad showcases beautiful yellow leaves adorned with bands and spots of red, creating a mesmerizing display of colors.'Popoki' produces growing pups on stolons that can reach up to 6 inches in length, allowing for the development of a charming cluster over time. As one of the finest miniature varieties, it is an excellent choice for hanging baskets, adding a touch of elegance to any space.The intensity of the yellow coloring in 'Popoki' is influenced by the amount of bright light it receives. Therefore, providing ample light will enhance the vibrant yellow hues, intensifying the visual impact of this delightful plant.

Growth habit: Miniature

Light requirements: Strong filtered light: Prefers moderate levels of light, such as bright indirect light or filtered sunlight. Thrives in well-lit spaces without direct exposure to intense sunlight.


Lisa Vinzant

Plant size and bare root info

Fully Grown is an established plant with a root system. Please be aware that our fully grown plants will be shipped without blossoms, as this ensures their safe transportation and upon arrival, they will have the potential to bloom under proper care.

An Offset (pup) is a baby shoot that develops at the base of the plant, rooting to form a new plant identical to its parent.

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