Grower's Choice Bromeliad Assortment of Miniature Offsets

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Number of Plants: 10 Plants
Our popular grower's choice assortment of miniature plants suitable for terrariums. All are pups or also known as "offsets" and mainly consist of neoregelia but there may also be species and hybrids of other genera. like Vriesea. Some plants may be bigger than pups. There is no Cryptanthus or Tillandsia in this assortment. For orders of 100 plants and up, at least one of each variety will be labeled, and bundled with others of the same type.


Plant size and bare root info

Fully Grown is an established plant with a root system. Please be aware that our fully grown plants will be shipped without blossoms, as this ensures their safe transportation and upon arrival, they will have the potential to bloom under proper care.

An Offset (pup) is a baby shoot that develops at the base of the plant, rooting to form a new plant identical to its parent.

All plants are shipped bare root. No pot and no soil.