Bromelia balansae (Heart of Flame)

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Bromelia balansae, a plant species in the Bromelia genus, is indigenous to Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Bolivia, and Paraguay. It thrives at elevations ranging from 150 to 3,000 feet. Resembling the pineapple, Bromelia balansae is a large terrestrial bromeliad with green leaves that grow 2–4 feet long, lined with sharp spines. During its blooming phase, the center of the plant transforms into a bright red hue, which then turns white before producing grey-colored fruits. These fruits gradually turn orange as they ripen.

This remarkable plant is often referred to as the "heart of flame" due to its stunning flower. The fruit it bears is not only visually appealing but also yields a refreshing, cooling drink when consumed. Its popularity stems from being the most commonly cultivated bromelia, and its rapid growth makes it suitable for use as fencing. To flourish, it requires full sun and is best grown outdoors.

With its distinct growth phases and unique characteristics, Bromelia balansae would make a valuable and unusual addition to any plant collection.

Growth habit: Very large

Light requirements: Strong filtered light: Prefers moderate levels of light, such as bright indirect light or filtered sunlight. Thrives in well-lit spaces without direct exposure to intense sunlight.



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