Neoregelia carcharodon 'Tiger'

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Size: Fully Grown

Neoregelia carcharodon 'Tiger', a widely embraced and resilient plant frequently incorporated into landscape designs. This remarkable species boasts impressive growth, characterized by striking reddish-brown bars that traverse its light green leaves. The wide and rigid leaves with prominent spines along the edges, adding to its visual allure. 

Renowned for its superior qualities in hybridization, the plant Hannibal Lecter stands as a notable example. However, it is important to acknowledge that this particular plant lacks an official botanical classification. Chester Skotak introduced it to cultivation after discovering it within a Brazilian collection.

Growth habit: Large




Plant size and bare root info

Fully Grown is an established plant with a root system. Please be aware that our fully grown plants will be shipped without blossoms, as this ensures their safe transportation and upon arrival, they will have the potential to bloom under proper care.

An Offset (pup) is a baby shoot that develops at the base of the plant, rooting to form a new plant identical to its parent.

All plants are shipped bare root. No pot and no soil.