Neoregelia 'Strawberry Hill'

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Size: Fully Grown

Neoregelia 'Strawberry Hill' is a small yet striking plant that reaches a height of up to 6 inches. Its light green leaves boast bold mottling in a delightful strawberry color, while the pointy leaf tips dazzle in a vibrant shade of bright red, adding an extra touch of beauty. As the plant matures, the leaves transform into a lovely yellowish hue, creating a unique burst of color. Although the center does not blush during its bloom, the stunning foliage alone is enough to make this plant truly stand out. 'Strawberry Hill' is a remarkable hybrid by Michael Kiehl, combining olens and smithii, resulting in a remarkable display of nature's beauty.

Growth habit: Small

Light requirements: Strong filtered light: Prefers moderate levels of light, such as bright indirect light or filtered sunlight. Thrives in well-lit spaces without direct exposure to intense sunlight.


Micheal Kiehl

Plant size and bare root info

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An Offset (pup) is a baby shoot that develops at the base of the plant, rooting to form a new plant identical to its parent.

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